Katie Michele Ravenna

Katie Michele Ravenna
Our Little Asian Princess


Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Photos From Katie’s Foster Sister Lili



Today I received some priceless photos from our new friends who adopted Katie’s foster sister Lili a few weeks ago. They had the camera developed and they had some priceless pictures to share with us. Thank you so much for sharing Kaisu! We really appreciate it. I hope they used Katie’s cameras that we sent to her and take some photos that she can keep to remember her past and the time that she spent at the Urumqi CWI.

Friday, April 9, 2010

We have a daughter.....

The end of January we received a phone call about a possible match for our family from the China SN's shared list. Stephanie from our agency called me approximately 8:30 am on Thursday, January 21st. I immediately called my husband to share the news and sent her file to him. And then by 2 pm she was off the list, another agency had locked her file (we were so upset). On Saturday we heard she was back on the list and we scrambled for a doctor to review her file. By the time we answered back on Sunday she was gone again. On Monday, my wonderful husband called Stephanie to express our disappointment and to let her know if she sees her file come back on the list or comes across another child that could be a possible match for us to please let us know. Then it happened, not even 20 minutes later, Stephanie called him back and little Xin HongFang was back on the list and they locked her file with our name. YES!!!! Then we prepared our "Letter of Intent" to send to China, to let the CCAA know that we wanted to make her a member of our family. When a child is on the shared list you have to lock the file to move foward and submit your LOI within 48 hours. I was able to hear back from the pediatrician and heart specialist that gave us the go ahead and let us know that she should be fine. AMEN!!!!